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There are multiple options available when it comes to adjusting teeth that are misaligned or out of place. At DeSoto Family Dentistry, we specialize in Fastbraces®, an advanced orthodontic technology that can achieve straighter teeth in as little as 120 days! It uses groundbreaking technology designed to cut out the two-step process of traditional braces. One of the key benefits of using FastBraces® for straightening teeth is that patients see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days.

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What Are Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® has established itself as one of the most attractive and effective alternatives to traditional orthodontic braces over the last quarter-century. Its patented system provides excellent orthodontic results for patients, while drastically reducing the amount of time needed to achieve those results. With Fastbraces®, treatment times are no longer measured in years; instead, they can sometimes be measured in days.

At their core, Fastbraces® follow the same reliable wire-and-bracket system as conventional braces. Brackets affix to the teeth, and wires are used to pull the brackets into the desired position. Fastbraces® are available as metal wire and brackets, and as ceramic wire and brackets for a more discrete, cosmetically pleasing look.

How Do Fastbraces® Work?

Orthodontic issues are caused when teeth fail to crown properly, coming out tilted, sideways, overlapping, or spaced apart. All of these issues stem from the placement and alignment of the tooth root.

Fastbraces® wire bracket system works by uprighting the root of the teeth from the first appointment. This, along with more precise bracket placement thanks to computer-guided treatment plans, allows the system to work over much reduced periods of time compared to conventional braces.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Currently, there are following two types of Fastbraces® available on the market:

  • Classic series 
  • Turbo series. 

With classic series braces, treatment time is around four-six months in duration. The turbo series is designed to achieve results in under 120 days.

Predictably, the turbo series is more costly than the classic series, as it requires greater precision to work.

Are Fastbraces® Usable in All Orthodontic Cases?

Fastbraces® can treat most orthodontic cases. There are some limits, and some cases will necessarily take longer than the ideal treatment times advertised.

For example, it’s important to note that treatment times are given under the assumption that there is no surgical component to the orthodontic case. Some misalignments and malocclusions require a preliminary round of surgery, sometimes to remove teeth there is simply no room for before orthodontic appliances can be employed.

Likewise, while Fastbraces® turbo’s treatment times are targeted towards 120 days, this assumes a non-deep bite case. For those instances, it will take somewhat longer to achieve the results.

Dr. Varkey will be able to advise you whether your particular case is suitable for Fastbraces® technology, and how long the expected treatment time will be. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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