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Your smile is one of the first things that people notice and remember about you and plays a big role in your overall self-image. When you’re proud of your smile, you can face your personal and professional interactions with the highest confidence.

We offer patients the opportunity to create a beautiful, healthy smile with customized, compassionate dental care in a comfortable atmosphere. You will appreciate the time our team takes to get to know you personally, help you discover all your options, and then make a plan for your healthy smile.

Top Dentist In DeSoto, TX

Praveen Varkey, DDS

Dr. Praveen Varkey and our team at Desoto Family Dentistry utilize revolutionary dental technology, techniques, and procedures to bring healthy, bright smiles to the DeSoto community and surrounding areas. We work WITH our patients to provide superior care and to deliver the smile they’ve always wanted.

Dr. Varkey has a vision and passion for dentistry. He has extensive training performing aesthetic, complex restorations and comprehensive family dentistry including oral surgery and implant placement. 

Our Services

Dental Bridges

Complete your smile and prevent the many complications that can arise from missing teeth with dental bridges! Made from tooth-colored materials, these restorations provide a natural-looking result and restore functionality.

Dental Care for Veterans

DeSoto Family Dentistry is proud to be the only dental practice in Dallas County that offers free quality dental care for veterans through our partnership with the Community Care Network and VA dentistry program.

Emergency Dentist

Having a straighter smile can not only boost your self-confidence but also improve your overall oral health. A well-aligned set of teeth are easier to care for and won’t wear down as quickly. But when it comes to orthodontic treatments, most adults don’t find traditional metal braces to be an attractive option….

Fastbraces FAQ

There are multiple options available when it comes to adjusting teeth that are misaligned or out of place. At DeSoto Family Dentistry, we specialize in FastBraces®, an advanced orthodontic technology that can achieve straighter teeth in as little as 120 days! It uses a groundbreaking technology designed to cut out the two-step…

Root Canals

At DeSoto Family Dentistry we’re committed to providing exemplary care that improves your health while enhancing your appearance. Dr. Praveen Varkey offers quality porcelain and noble metal crowns for cases involving significant tooth damage, trauma, and decay.

Dental Implants

If you’ve lost teeth and need to have them replaced, dental implants are a great way to go. They consist of an artificial root, which is usually made of titanium, and an artificial tooth, which is usually made from porcelain, and crafted to look like it’s always been one of your own….

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