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At DeSoto Family Dentistry, we pair our years of experience with modern advances in dental materials and technology to enhance your smile and maximize your overall dental health. Regardless of the concerns you face, we will work with you to address any troubled areas you experience and give you an optimal smile.

We have a variety of treatment plans available, all specifically tailored to your needs. Every patient is different, and you will receive a thourough consultation to evaluate each treatment option, and which one is right for you. Patients throughout the 75115 area have recommended Dr. Varkey for dentures, veneers, braces, orthodontics, whitening, root canals, and general dentistry in Desoto TX.

Click below for more information about our dental treamtents for patients in Desoto and the neighboring area.

Porcelain Veneers and Laminates Restoration with Dental Implants Braces and Orthodontics

Your customized restorative plan may also include: