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At DeSoto Family Dentistry we’re committed to providing exemplary care that improves your health while enhancing your appearance. Dr. Praveen Varkey offers quality porcelain and noble metal crowns for cases involving significant tooth damage, trauma, and decay.

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What are Dental Crowns?

Commonly referred to as “caps”, a crown is a protective layer that slips over your exposed tooth, reinforcing the compromised structure underneath. Crowns are used anytime a filling isn’t appropriate, due to structural and integrity concerns.

Dr. Varkey may recommend a porcelain or noble metal crown if your tooth is:

• Aggressively worn
• Cracked
• Treated with a root canal
• Severely decayed

…or to top off a dental implant in the instance of replacing missing teeth.

What to Expect

The dental crown treatment in our DeSoto dentist’s office is quite straightforward. Over the course of two visits, Dr. Varkey will gently prep the tooth (to ensure that a crown has room to slip over it) and then take an impression for our lab. About two weeks later, you’ll return to have the permanent porcelain or noble metal crown bonded into place.

Your comfort is extremely important to us. Getting a dental crown can be just as routine as a dental filling or other common treatment. Thanks to effective numbing medications, you don’t have to feel much of anything at all!

Optimal Aesthetics

Depending on where the tooth is in your mouth, Dr. Varkey may suggest either porcelain or noble metal, such as gold. Gold withstands extreme pressure and wear, making it ideal for areas such as upper back teeth that may not be visible when you’re smiling. Porcelains are both durable and aesthetic, allowing us to match their shade and shape to blend in with the surrounding teeth; they’re best for restoring teeth in your “smile zone”.

Care and Maintenance

Your new dental crown should last for several years. A common misconception about crown care is that flossing may pull them off. That’s not the case! In fact, it’s essential to floss around your crown daily to prevent bacterial plaque from leaking in around the edges. Daily flossing, brushing, and routine checkups at DeSoto Family Dentistry can help your crown last for as long as possible.

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